Unlock the Power of Courage 

by | Mar 28, 2024

13 ways to coach and inspire higher levels of courage in your team…

As a leader, your arsenal is well-equipped with strategy and vision, but courage is a true powerhouse

—your hidden muscle. 🏋️

While YOU may be a courageous leader yourself, this area of strength in you can show up as a weakness if you unknowingly shut your team down when they aren’t being courageous.

So, how can leaders inspire higher levels of courage in their team, especially in the face of a setback?

Here are 13 ways you can coach and encourage your team:

  1. Acknowledge the Effort: “I see how much work you put into this. Let’s take a moment to identify and acknowledge your efforts so far.”
  2. Normalize Failure: “Every great leader has faced setbacks. It’s not the failure, but how we respond to it, that defines our path forward.”
  3. Personal Growth: “Every challenge comes with a lesson that contributes to our growth. What can you learn from this?”
  4. Foster Resilience: “Let’s use this as a stepping stone to build resilience. It’s about bouncing back stronger and more informed.”
  5. Encourage Open Communication: “I’m here to support you. Let’s keep the lines of communication open and work through this together.”
  6. Reframe the Experience: “Consider this an opportunity to innovate and think creatively. How might you approach this differently in the future?”
  7. Set Clear, Achievable Goals: “Small steps can lead to significant achievements. Let’s work together to outline some clear, achievable objectives for moving forward. “
  8. Offer Constructive Feedback: “Here are some specific ideas for improvement. How would you see integrating these as you move ahead?”
  9. Celebrate Small Wins: “Every bit of progress is worth celebrating. It builds momentum and confidence.”
  10. Provide Continuous Support: “I’m committed to your development and success. Let’s regularly check in on your progress and adjust as needed.”
  11. Inspire with Vision: “Remember our larger goal and the role you play in achieving it. Your contribution is vital.”
  12. Empower with Autonomy: “I trust your judgment and capabilities. Take the lead on this next attempt, knowing you have my support.”
  13. Encourage Peer Learning: “Consider discussing this with the team. Collaboration and peer learning are invaluable.”

Practice these ideas to build a supportive, growth-focused environment that encourages taking calculated risks and learning from setbacks, embodying the team’s courage and resilience principles.

Courage is cultivated when we learn from our challenges, setbacks, and experiences. As you help your team benefit from challenges and setbacks, you will see their level of confidence and courage grow.

As John Dewey so wisely stated: “We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.”

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