Timeless…Tried…and…True Lessons to Build a High Performing Team (it is simpler than you think…)

by | Mar 12, 2024

You don’t have to run complex, trick plays to win the ‘business’ game.

Stick to the fundamentals if you want to build a business dream team.

5 Timeless…Tried…and…True Lessons to Build a High Performing Team (it is simpler than you think…)

The lessons come from Patrick Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”

Here are the 5 RISK AREAS, 5 key lessons, and practical, action steps you can implement right away:

RISK AREA #1: Absence of Trust

Lesson: Build trust by encouraging vulnerability among team members.

Action Item: Conduct regular team activities and exercises that encourage openness and sharings, where team members learn more about each other’s background, challenges, and interests.

RISK AREA #2: Fear of Conflict

Lesson: Normalize and embrace healthy conflict as a part of the team’s culture.

Action Item: Implement a “conflict norming” session where the team discusses and agrees on how to engage in conflict constructively, including ground rules for debate and how to address conflicts when they arise.

RISK AREA #3: Lack of Commitment

Lesson: Ensure all team members’ voices are heard during the decision-making process.

Action Item: After discussions or debates, conduct a “closing round” where each team member states their level of support for the decision on a scale (e.g., 1-10) and briefly explains their rationale. This process ensures everyone is heard and helps to gauge commitment levels.

RISK AREA #4: Avoidance of Accountability

Lesson: Build a culture where team members hold themselves and one another accountable.

Action Item: Create a public scoreboard or progress chart that tracks key deliverables and milestones. Regularly review progress in team meetings to highlight achievements and explore obstacles, bottlenecks, and risk areas as a team–encouraging peer accountability in the process.

RISK AREA #5: Inattention to Results 

Lesson: Emphasize common goals to align the team around results.

Action Item: Establish team rewards that are given when the team collectively meets or exceeds goals, not just individual bonuses. This could be a team outing, a special recognition event, or a team-based bonus, reinforcing the value of shared success.

Incorporating these action items into your team’s routine will help you address each risk area in a tangible way–fostering a healthier, more productive team dynamic.

As John Maxwell so wisely states: “Small disciplines repeated with consistency…lead to great achievements.”

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