We help companies assess, develop, and accelerate leadership capability through whole-team leadership development programs; group, team & one-on-one coaching; a variety of assessment tools; business strategy sessions and additional skill-specific training.

Leadership Dream Team Programs

Every leader wants a dream team and every team wants a great leader.  We help our clients achieve both through our Leadership Dream Team Programs.

Jump Start

to Dream Team

A 3-Day, off-site leadership team event designed to uncover leadership DNA, build deeper team trust, improve collaboration and communication, and align the team for improved business results.

We customize the program to meet the specific needs of your leadership team and business, while helping you:

  • Define your leadership dream team
  • Learn the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of great leadership
  • Understand and leverage your leadership DNA
  • Strengthen trust and team relationships
  • Improve communication & the ability to navigate conflict
  • Expand possibilities thinking & increase individual & team accountability


to Dream Team

A year-long development program that focuses on the individual leader and the collective growth of the leadership team.

Equipping leaders with the mindset and skillset of the Coach Approach to Leadership, we facilitate whole-team learning through group & team coaching coupled with one-on-one individual leader coaching to transform relationships and results:

  • Capture business metrics, current culture, and leadership goals
  • Map the year-long development journey
  • Uncover leadership DNA and individual leadership effectiveness
  • Onsite, monthly leadership group & team coaching development sessions
  • Monthly individual leader one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Celebrate success and extend the ‘coach approach’ throughout the organization

Individual Leader Programs

Develop your middle to senior level leaders individually. Equip them to be more effective in their current role and prepare them for the next level.

Executive & Leader


Coaching is a key element to winning.

Executive & leader coaching focuses on the mindset (internal wiring, conditioning, beliefs & values) and skillset (behaviors, techniques, & habits) of great leadership.

With our year-long executive development coaching program, you will:

  • Understand & leverage your leadership DNA
  • Discover your leadership impact with a 360 survey
  • Co-create a customized leadership development plan
  • Participate in two private coaching sessions each month
  • Increase your leadership capability and remove barriers to success.



Our local 5-month leadership development program combines monthly, interactive group coaching sessions with individual one-on-one coaching that builds leadership competencies for existing & emerging leaders.

Leaders elevate their ability to:

  • Understand and leverage leadership DNA
  • Increase individual & team accountability
  • More effectively plan & manage time
  • Improve employee engagement & motivation
  • Coach employees for improved performance
  • Improve communication & listening skills
  • Experience more confidence & less stress in leading a team

Individual Leader Programs

Develop your middle and senior level leaders individually. Equip them to be more effective in their current role and prepare them for the next level.


Insure your talent management system includes all of the tools necessary for every stage of the employee life cycle:  hiring & selectiontraining & developmentpromotion & succession, leadership effectivenessvalues alignment and diagnosing the overall health of the culture in the organization.

ProfileXT Assessment

Individual leaders as well as leadership teams should be hired, coached and promoted based on an understanding of their “natural wiring” (also referred to as their ‘leadership DNA’).  

The ProfileXT assessment, as a development tool, creates profound self- and team-awareness, reveals team culture and unlocks the leader and team’s ability to elevate results. As a selection tool, the ProfileXT gives you confidence in making better hiring and promotion decisions to insure culture and job-fit.

The Leadership Circle 360 Profile

The Leadership Circle 360 Leadership Effectiveness Survey is a “whole leader” assessment used to evaluate the competencies and effectiveness of leaders, including the beliefs and assumptions that drive leadership style.

This survey compiles feedback from the direct supervisor of the leader, along with feedback from direct reports, peers, and other professionals, to enable the leader to measure the impact he or she is having on the team and within the organization.

Cultural Values Assessment

Historically, many of the intangibles in business such as ‘culture’ and ‘values’ have been difficult to measure and, therefore, have not been included as part of the workplace leader’s scorecard.

Today, this is no longer the case. Leaders now have the ability to accurately capture data to diagnose the cultural health of the team and of the organization.  As a result, leaders can identify and proactively address the root causes of limitations, barriers or hindrances to achieving outstanding results.

Additional Training & Facilitation

As a partner to our clients, we are committed to providing the resources necessary to ensure your organization is successful.

To that end, we offer additional training and facilitation.

  • Business Strategy Sessions ~ Cast a clear and inspiring vision (the ‘why’), identify the values and behaviors that will guide the team and organization (the ‘who’ and the ‘how’), and define the high payoff activities that will get you there (the ‘what’). The vision is inside you and your senior team. You just need someone to draw out the intellectual capital within your team and help you build a framework to bring the vision into reality.
  • Workplace Harassment & Bullying ~ Our interactive workplace harassment & bullying workshops are designed to engage leaders and employees and equip them with the awareness and knowledge concerning workplace harassment and bullying.  Participants will gain a clear understanding of the laws that govern harassment, learn the common behaviors of harassment and bullying and how these behaviors show up in the workplace, and recognize the social, employee and business responsibilities concerning harassment and bullying.
  • Project Management Certification ~ We partner with you to customize a step by step, cost-effective approach for your team to continue their professional development and achieve optimum productivity.  We offer courses to prepare for certification in the following areas:  Project Management Professional (“PMP”), Scrum & Agile certification and Risk Management certification.
  • Computer Software Skills Training ~ Equip your team with the technology skills necessary to work effectively and efficiently in today’s business environment.  We offer onsite, standard or customized training sessions to meet the needs of your team.  Provide learning to every level of student (basic, intermediate or advanced) in Microsoft Office software including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project or Access.

“Our executive team has greatly benefited from leadership coaching and development as well as executive team sessions to facilitate Vision, Values and Business Strategy. There is no doubt that we have experienced improved financial results and have a more effective staff and team with Executive Impact’s valuable support.”

~ Jeff Marshall
Franchise Owner, Manpower MidSouth