A personal mission statement is a compass for our life and leadership

by | Apr 18, 2024

A personal mission statement is a compass for our life and leadership.

Here are steps for you to create (or revisit) yours:

Why every leader needs a PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT

…and the steps to create yours:

Much like an organization’s mission statement, a well-thought-out, written, PERSONAL mission statement is your pathto creating a clear definition of LIFE and LEADERSHIP SUCCESS and a way to measure if you’re on or off track.

A personal mission statement becomes the framework for…

●  WHO you want to BE

●  HOW you want to show up in the world

●  WHAT you want to leave as your impact and legacy

  WHY it all matters

In 2008, during a very difficult time in my personal and professional life, I was inspired to write MY own personal mission statement.

It became the catalyst that launched me into a different career where my NATURAL GIFTS, PASSION, and EXPERTISE intersected the needs in the marketplace.

It gave me a new way to filter my business and personal decisions.

And, I became the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF that, in turn, allowed me to empower others (including my own children) to do the same.

To begin the process of developing your own personal mission statement, take time for self-inquiry and ponder the following questions:

1)  If every job in the world paid the same, what would you most want to do?

2)  What gets you out of bed in the morning?

3)  What situations, events, circumstances or activities inspire your best work or feelings of great satisfaction?

4)  What setbacks have you experienced, how did you navigate them, and what did they teach you?

5)  What are you most passionate about changing, improving or solving in the world?

6)  What impact or influence do you most want to have on others, in your work, in your life?

7)  What values are most important to you? How do you want to live them more fully in your life and leadership?

Pro Tip: 

If you struggle with any of these questions, ask those closest to you (both personally and professionally) to share what they see as your areas of natural giftings, strengths, and passions.

How others describe who you are and what you do can be very eye-opening.

Your personal mission is something to be ‘discovered’ rather than prescribed.

It is also helpful to explore and catalog life and leadership situations and experiences – to look for themes and patterns that will give you clues to YOUR personal mission.

As an example, here is my personal mission statement from 2008 – and it still holds true for me today:

“I believe God put me on earth to equip, encourage, and empower others to be their best and reach their full potential.”

This mission is at the core of and motivation for everything I do personally and professionally.

Now, it’s YOUR TURN!

I’d love to hear what you come up with! 🙌🏼

Share your personal mission statement in the comments below…

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