💬How to listen for what your team ACTUALLY needs from you🤔

by | Sep 5, 2023

💬How to listen for what your team ACTUALLY needs from you🤔(sometimes, it’s not what you think!)…

I was coaching a leader recently. He had a team member who began to show up as really guarded. This team member wasn’t going above and beyond like usual.

This leader couldn’t figure out why. His employee was a capable, skilled, experienced team member.

I love what this leader—my client—did about the situation…

This leader sensed that the employee was struggling with something that happened in the recent past, and that this was likely causing his approach to change at work.

BUT, the leader realized that inquiring about or trying to address that past experience may not actually help the employee.

My client decided to take an approach of:

●     Acknowledging the team member’s contribution

●     Celebrating his skills

●     Reinforcing his importance to the team

After consistently practicing this (in a sincere, not forced, way) both in 1:1s and group settings, it wasn’t long before the employee began to RE-ENGAGE!

And not just that! But this employee also began taking on MORE responsibility and initiative in projects before even being asked. And the quality and excellence of his work SKYROCKETED!

The leader was BLOWN AWAY by how innovative, creative, and comprehensive his employee’s work was.

There are times as a coach leader that we need to dig in and explore the barriers people are experiencing in succeeding.

BUT it’s also important to affirm the value someone has to the team and org and remind them of their positive TRAITS, ABILITIES, and CONTRIBUTION.

*Sincere and consistent encouragement can go a LONG way.*

Sometimes, people just want to be reminded that they’re appreciated. That employee wouldn’t have told the boss that this is what he needed.

Because the leader didn’t just operate on his assumptions but instead spent time observing the situation and letting his curiosity help him identify what his EMPLOYEE ACTUALLY NEEDED—the employee improved!

*Sometimes, the approach isn’t exploring what’s WRONG with the person, but affirming what’s RIGHT.* This can be a catalyst to help team members break out of a rut.

It’s important for leaders to stay observant and curious in order to discern what their team actually needs from them in a given moment.

Becoming a COACH APPROACH LEADER can give you the skillset and mindset to do this well. If you’re interested in learning what it takes to become a Coach Approach Leader, send me a message!

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